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Low cost
GSM SMS alert system

The GSMBlackBox is a compact SMS text alert module which can send a fixed text message to two recipients when either or both of its two volt-free digital inputs are triggered.

Powered by 9-15v the GSMBlackBox is ideal for remote application when you need to be informed if there is a fault or a problem.

Configuration is simple just add the two recipients phone numbers to the SIM card and insert in the unit - next time the inputs are triggered the text message is sent.

Remote control the transistor output by calling the unit.

"A low cost add-on to any control or alarm system to keep you informed by text message wherever you are."


Compact & Discrete Design

Quad band GSM engine

Two digital Inputs

One Transistor Output

Fixed SMS messages

Messages sent on closing and opening

Text or "ring" alerts

No programming required

Two recipients for messages

Add recipients number to the SIM card

Built-in antenna

Output Control by "ring" or text

Enable/Disable by text



- Requires 9-15vDC (300mA Max) supply

GSM GSM850/900/1800/1900

Inputs - 2 digital inputs
- normally open - input voltage 0-30V
- duration >600mS (Z1 & Z2)

Output - Open collector
(500mA, 30v max)
- pulled to COM when enabled.

Standby Current 30mA Max

Operating Temp -35 to +55decC

SIM Card Free with unit
- select network - Vodafone, O2, Orange or T-Mobile
(UK PAYG - No credit)

Antenna On board - (ANT)
- Note: Do not install the unit in a metal enclosure.

Power Supply
Plug-in 230VAC to 12vDC available as option



To order:
SeNd Technology

+44(0)1488 668 337

More Details:
GSMBlackBox Data Sheet

Easy SIM Card configuration:

1. Place registered SIM card in mobile phone
2. Add the name "User1" & "User2" and the corresponding
recipients mobile numbers to the SIM phonebook
3. Insert SIM Card in GSMBlackBox
4. Attach power supply - wait for LED to stabilise
5. Close input Z1 to send alert SMS messages to Users


Output Transistor: