Battery powered SMS text alert system for outdoor use with shock and optional temperature sensors

Battery powered, IP65 waterproof SMS alert system. Ideal for outdoor applications where no mains power is available such as remote outbuildings, tanks, caravans etc.. Sleep mode only wakes the product on an event trigger or schedule so the battery can last up to 2 years.

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Core Features & Specification:

2 x Digital Inputs - send custom SMS on inputs opening, closing or both.
Analog Inputs - use one of the digital inputs as a mA analog input and set message trigger set-points.
Temperature monitor - use one of the digital inputs as a temperature monitor (add up to 8 temperature probes) and set min/max alert thresholds and sample period.
1 x Transistor Output - control by SMS during scheduled power up periods
Battery Monitor - send low battery message when the level drops to a set level.
Power Requirements - 4x Lithium AA batteries (supplied)
GSM Network - 900/1800 MHz
Operating Temperature - -20...+50°C
Antennae - Internal with option to connect external
Dimensions -115x90x56mm


Main benefits:

Battery Powered - no mains powered required - lasts up to 2 years on standard lithium AA batteries (included)
Be informed - 2 digital inputs - send a customised SMS when the input close/open or both. Send message to 10 recipients.
Monitor - shock sensor, temperature with optional external probe, analog signals mA, battery level and signal.

Application example:

Remote water tank - no mains power Level monitor & security:

Tank is used to feed irrigation channels and when the low level float switch is activated the GSMOutdoor Alert wakes up and send "Site 44 low water alert" to the farmer. When the tank is refilled the "Site 44 water OK" message in sent.

The GSMOutdoor Alert is fixed to the security door of the water tank and the internal shock sensor also informs the farmer if the door has been opened.




Config Toolkit -
Configuration software & cable
Temperature Probes


Contact SeNd Technology:

Tel: +44(0)1488 668 337

More Details:

GSMOutdoorAlert Data sheet.

Programming Tools:

Easy set-up via

PC Config Software.
Local and remote configuration


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