Replacing the popular GSMAlarm+ & GSMControl+ products

New Mobi.Control - send SMS, email & tweet alerts
up to 12 inputs and 2 outputs

Mobi.Control is an industrial DIN rail GSM modem for the supervision and control of remote inputs and outputs by means of enhanced features available through GSM network and the Web. Mobi.Control sends user defined messages via SMS, tweet, e-mail or free phone rings.
Mobi.Control can provide detailed reports on input status and notify local events. Outputs can be controlled by authorized users via SMS, tweet, free phone rings and phone keyboard.

The user can configure the unit to deploy actions when a specific event occurs.

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Core Features & Specification:

8 x Digital Inputs - send custom SMS, emails, tweets on input change. Send mixture of messages on inputs opening, closing or both (add input delay too)
2 x Analog Inputs - Current 0-20mA, voltage 0-2v 0-10v, NTC (temp) - selectable
2 x Counter Inputs - input pulse or time run
2 x Relay Outputs - 3A 240vAC - control by free ring, SMS command, DTMF tones, tweets or schedule
Battery Backup - internal Li-Poly battery for power fail/restore alert
Power Requirements - 9 to 36vDC or 7-27vAC
GSM Network - 850/900/1800/1900MHz Quad (Worldwide)
Operating Temperature - -20...+60°C
Antennae - FME connector for external
Dimensions -71x90x58mm

Local Audio Alerts - assign to events - inputs on, power fail etc
Cell Location Alerts - send an alert if device moves from location
Scheduled Events -change parameters and control based on time/date

Plus many more features - please contact us to discuss your application.


Main benefits:

Be Informed - if you remote machine or process has a fault the receive a SMS, email, Tweet all all three so you can respond.

Be in control - remotely reset, restart or turn off a system/process via secure call or coded SMS. 2 separate outputs to utilise.

Monitor - monitor analog values and send alerts when the signal goes above or below set values - adjust the set-point remotely. Monitor temperature and control the output when the temp drops or rises. Check the values remotely

Multiple messages - Up to 100 recipients can receive SMS, emails, tweets - all messages can be customised.

Power cut alerts
Worldwide GSM

Unmanned pumping station:

Remote pumping station flow meter detects no flow which triggers a SMS “ Site 10 – pump failed” message to be sent to local engineer. At same time an email is sent confirming the fault to HQ.

The local engineer texts the Mobi.Control and requests “pump 2 start”. The remotely controlled relay output is energised starting the pump. The Flow meter resets, which triggers the “pump working” to confirm all is ok.

All for the cost of a couple of SMS messages.

With Mobi.Control they can also measure the run time of the pump and send a email to the HQ when a service interval has been reached.



MobiSuite Kit -
Configuration software & cable
GSM Antennas -
various options for different situations
SIM Cards
Power supplies

All available as part of the low cost
Mobi.Control Starter Kit



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More Details:

Mobi.Control Data sheet
Mobi.Control User/Installation Guide

Programming Tools:

Easy set-up via
local and
remote configuration

SMS Messages
MobiSuite PC Software (USB)
My.Mobi Website (Internet)

MobiSuite Quick start guide (pdf)

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