The S-PIR is a self-contained motion detector with build in GSM modem for sending a SMS Text message to you when the zone is breached.

Just register the pay-as-you-go SIM card with some credit and insert into the S-PIR, plug in the mains transformer and you are ready to configure. Then by SMS change the security passcode and add your mobile number - and it's ready. To "arm" just "ring" the S-PIR for a few seconds and you have 15 seconds to leave the secure area. It's now armed.

When the PIR sensor next detects motion you will receive a SMS informing you. The S-PIR will then call you so you can hear (via the units built-in microphone) any activity at the remote location.

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  • PIR Motion Detector.

  • Built-in GSM (mobile) modem
    - just slot in a SIM card
    (UK PAYG supplied with S-PIR).

  • Send SMS to up to 5 numbers
    (you, neighbour, estate manager etc)

  • Name the zone
    - e.g. "Home", "Office”,” Garage" etc.

  • Built-in microphone
    - S-PIR calls you back to allow you to listen in at the location

  • Battery backup
    - rechargeable battery will inform you of power fail, low battery and power resume.

  • Arm just by ringing from your authorised number.

  • Exit delay (Adjustable)

  • Power from 11-15vDC (external car battery)



Keep remote area monitored.

Protect valuable assets
Caravans, boats).

Install in a few minutes.

Portable - move from asset to asset.

Simple - activate from your phone.

Power cut monitor – know when the main power supply in your home is cut.


Home Office
Shop Caravan
Boat Holiday Home
Garage Outbuildings
Store Workshop



Contact SeNd Technology:

Tel: +44(0)1488 668 337

More Details:

S-PIR Brochure
S-PIR Quick Start Guide
S-PIR Advanced Guide

Easy set-up via:

Text Messages

1. Set a pass code
2. Add your mobile number
3. Arm (just by calling)

System now active.

or via USB using PC Configuration Tool:

S-PIR PC Configuration Software

In the box:

1 x S-PIR detector with replaceable
rechargeable battery
1 x Wall mounting bracket
1 x 230VAC - 12vDC Plug-in power transformer
1 x USB cable.
1 x UK PAYG SIM Card (choice of network)
1 x Quick Start Guide


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